Vision, Mission, Values



We will be the leading energy exploration and production company in the Philippines by 2030 with global reach and the partner of choice in exploration and production contributing to the country’s growth and development.


We are an enterprise, whose core business is energy exploration and production. Our work is performed by a corps of dynamic, highly competent and motivated personnel, and is anchored on the pillars of economic viability, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We are committed to the furtherance of the national objective of energy self-reliance through exemplary performance in all our undertakings.


Professional Excellence. We perform all our undertakings in an exemplary manner by adhering to the highest standards of competence, commitment, dependability, and responsibility.

Teamwork. We work together harmoniously toward common goals.

Loyalty. We are loyal to the company and its mission, based on a system of meritocracy and fairness.

Integrity. We strictly adhere to ethical and moral standards of fairness, honesty, and accountability in all our undertakings.

Patriotism. We place the interest of the country above all else in all our endeavors and undertakings and are committed to the national objective of energy self-reliance.

(page update November 13, 2018)