Coal Marketing & Trading

Coal Production & Sales

In 2014, total coal production from COC 41 was registered at 63.16 thousand metric tons coming from the production of small-scale miners (SSCM). Unfavorable market conditions and the high production cost in COC 41 made it difficult for the coal to compete in the market and led to Management’s decision to cease production in the Integrated Little Baguio (ILB) Mines 1 and 2 in 2013.

On the one hand, PNOC EC’s coal marketing and trading business continued to serve and supply the coal requirements of its industrial and power plant customers with the coal production from SSCM’s in COC 41 and other local coal mine sources. Direct sales volume was registered at 199.16 thousand metric tons.

Integrated Services

Aside from coal sales, PNOC EC also offers integrated services such as discharging foreign and local coal shipments, stockpiling, screening, blending and hauling of coal to power plants and cement factories in the Philippines.

(page update April 21, 2015)