Corporate Social Responsibility



PNOC Exploration Corporation Distribution of livelihood start-up kits in Isabela

PNOC Exploration Corporation puts high value on the social component of its projects and operations. It engages the communities in which it operates to collaborate with the stake holders in the planning and implementation of various social projects. Said projects are intended to provide sustainable benefits to the host communities and to promote partnership between the company and the stakeholders in addressing possible issues with the company’s operations. PNOC EC enhances its social performances through participative engagements and community-based social investment projects. The company’s KAAGAPAY program has become the platform in the implementation of PNOC EC’S corporate social responsibility projects with its four pillars – Kaagaapay sa Kalusugan, Kaagapay sa Kabuhayan, Kaagapay sa Karunungan, and Kaagapay sa Kalikasan.


Medical Mission in Batangas

Kaagapay sa Kalusugan

Health is wealth, and we conduct periodic medical missions in the various communities that host our business units. We strive to reach out to the most needy in our host communities, to provide them with basic healthcare that they would not otherwise get. Medical missions are among the most direct extensions of help to our host communities. All of these are provided free of charge by PNOC EC. In 2016, PNOC conducted a medical mission in Mabini, Batangas that benefited 210 patients.


Graduation of Dressmaking trainees in Batangas

Kaagapay sa Kabuhayan

When you give someone a fish you, feed him one time. When you teach someone to fish, you help feed him for life. Helping people help themselves is the leading principle in PNOC EC’s CSR program. PNOC EC tries to go beyond the traditional dole-out system and seeks to provide not just the material but also the capacity so that the beneficiaries become active partners in the livelihood programs, and the economic benefits radiate even beyond the individual beneficiaries. Our livelihood programs are thus being conducted in order to empower the beneficiaries, their families, and their communities. In particular, we have helped organize womenfolk throughout our project areas, so that we will be better able to focus our livelihood training programs. In 2016, as part of our commitment to the Governance Commission on GOCC’s, PNOC EC helped improve the lives of 568 beneficiaries through 10 livelihood programs in Zamboanga Sibugay, Batangas, Isabela, and Cebu.


Brigada Eskwela in Batangas


Recognition Day of Scholars in Isabela

Kaagapay sa Karunungan

Education is among one of the most cherished values of the Filipino. We believe that education is the great equalizer, empowering not only the individual students, but through them also increasing the opportunities for growth for their families and communities. PNOC EC’s Isabela project area is home to 26 scholars, in both high school and college levels. Included in this scholarship package are payments for full tuition and miscellaneous school fees and expenses, school supplies and books, as well as a modest monthly allowance. PNOC EC is looking to increase the number of scholars it will support this 2017. PNOC EC also participated in the Birgada Eskwela of Mabini, Batangas in 2016, utilizing employee-volunteers in helping clean up and refurbish the community’s elementary school in preparation for the new academic year, and distributing school supplies to 500 pupils.


Tree Planting in Isabela

Kaagapay sa Kalikasan

As an energy company, our primary mandate is to explore and develop indigenous sources of energy to support the national development agenda of our country; without energy there can be no sustainable and inclusive development. Our country is rich in natural resources just waiting to be tapped. PNOC EC prides itself in being an energy company that also takes care of the environment. We believe that energy exploration and development can and should be done with as little environmental impact as possible. Sustainability is the key. As we take from the planet, so should we be giving back. As part of the requirements of our Environmental Compliance Certificate we planted a total of 1,150 trees in Cauayan City and Santiago City, both in Isabela.

(page update February 23, 2017)