PNOC-EC’s GAD Portal


PNOC Exploration Corporation (PNOC EC), as a model government owned and controlled corporation, fully supports the Gender and Development (GAD) initiatives of the Philippine Government, and strives to adhere to all pertinent laws, rules, and regulations concerning gender and development, gender mainstreaming, and the elimination of gender and all forms of bias.

PNOC EC upholds and implements Republic Act 9710, the Magna Carta of Women, and Memorandum Circular No. 2011-01 of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), directing all government offices including GOCCs to establish or strengthen their GAD Focal Point System to catalyze and hasten gender mainstreaming within the organization.

In line with this, PNOC EC has constituted and empowered a GAD Focal Point System Technical Working Group (GFPS) composed of personnel representing each department within the organization, and chaired by the General Counsel and Compliance Officer, Atty. Datu Omar S. Sinsuat. The GFPS TWG is the Company’s working arm on all things GAD and GAD-related.

The following are the members of the GFPS TWG:

Chairperson: Atty. Datu Omar S. Sinsuat

Vice-Chairperson: Myrannor B. Handig (ERD)

Members: Vaneza C. Briones (Planning and Budget)

 : Rea M. Roxas (Legal)

 : Monina T. Forbes (PED)

 : Ferdinand F. Guzman (ACD)

 : Luke Elisha T. Ferranco (HSSE)

 : Dennis C. Rabang (ESD)

 : Ronald Allan F. Boniquit (CED)

 : Christian Jefferson C. Maligalig (MIS)

 : Reden U. Martezana (OSS)

 : Cuthbert V. Claudio (PPD)

 : Iris E. Rivera (CTM)

 : Annabel E. Alvarez (IAD)

 : Katherine P. De Vera (Procurement)

 : Henry Ulyzess F. Golez (PDD)

 : Ma. Jonalyn R. Villar (Policies)

 : Ann Regine H. Raqueño (HRAD)

Secretariat: Joanne D. Mendoza (ERD)

 : Cristine C. Villamaria (ERD)

 : Joseph Anthony W. Buduan (ERD)

Most of the TWG Members completed an intensive five-day training-workshop on GAD Analysis with the Harmonized GAD Goals (HGDG) and the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF). This was done in order to produce a draft of PNOC EC’s long-term GAD Plans and Programs, and to immerse the TWG members in the details of proper GAD planning, management, and execution.

This corner of the PNOC EC official website is dedicated solely to the Company’s Gender and Development initiatives.

(page update March 9, 2018)