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Projects and Operations

In line with PNOC EC's mandate of providing a stable energy supply for the Philippines, the company is also involved in the exploration, development and production of coal in the country.

PNOC Exploration Corporation’s presence in the Philippine petroleum industry spans over 30 years, with its role evolving from that of a catalyst and promoter of local petroleum exploration to that of

PNOC EC's Trading and Marketing business continue to serve the fuel requirements of its industrial customers with coal supply coming from its own COC 41 small scale mines and other indigenous sources.


PNOC Exploration Corporation

Puts high value on the social component of its projects and operations. It engages the communities in which it operates to collaborate with the stake holders in the planning and implementation of various social projects.


Notice to the Public

It has come to the attention of PNOC EXPLORATION CORPORATION, that there is a “Letter of Award of Contract”, supposedly signed by one of our personnel circulating online.

For the information of all our valued Stakeholders, and the public at large, PNOC EC strongly and definitively declares this as a false and fake document.

We have not issued any such document to anybody, for any such project.

All of our projects pass through the most rigorous levels of transparency and in full compliance with all Laws and Government Regulations, especially when it comes to Procurement of Goods and Services.

We most strenuously condemn in the strongest terms, this patently false and malicious document, and commit to pursue all legal remedies to catch the perpetrators of this crude, treacherous, and criminal act, and bring them to justice.

We also remind one and all to transact only with authorized PNOC EC personnel directly, at our office, or through the contact information found on our official website.

We also strongly encourage you to report any suspicious or spurious persons claiming to transact for and on behalf of PNOC EC. Rest assured that any information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and prudence.

Let us all remain vigilant in the face of such attempts to besmirch good reputations and honest endeavors.

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