GCG Requirements

In accordance with Section 43 of the GCG Code of Corporate Governance, PNOC EC shall maintain a website and post therein for unrestricted public access the following:

    1. On Institutional Matters:
      1. For Chartered GOCCs, the latest version of its Charter (not applicable);
        Being a Non-Chartered GOCC, its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws; (uploaded on 24 September 2018)
      2. For Nonchartered GOCCs, latest General Information Sheet (GIS) (uploaded on 24 September 2018) and brief company background (uploaded on 20 September 2018) including date of incorporation, history, functions and mandate;
      3. List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates (not applicable)
      4. Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS) as mandated by the GCG in its Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01. (uploaded on 24 September 2018)
    2. On the Board and Officers:
      1. Complete listing of the Directors and Officers with resume; (uploaded on 24 September 2018)
      2. Complete compensation package of all the board members (actualentitlements)and officers, including travel, representation, transportation and any other form of expenses or allowances; (uploaded on 27 April 2018)
      3. Board Committee membership  and Committee information and activities; (uploaded on 24 September 2018)
      4. Attendance record of Directors in Board and Committee meetings. (uploaded on 15 March 2019)
    3. On Financial and Operational Matters:
      1.  Latest annual Audited Financial and Performance Report within thirty (30) days from receipt of such  Report;
      2.  Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past four (4) years;
      3. Quarterly, Annual Reports and Trial Balance;
      4. Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)
      5. Local and foreign borrowings (none);
      6. Government subsidies and net lending (not applicable);
      7. All borrowings guaranteed by the Government (none);
      8.  Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks; and
      9.  Performance Evaluation System
    4. On Government Matters:
      1. Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements;
      2. Performance Scorecards  and Strategy Map
        • Please refer to item 3(i).
      3.  Organizational Chart; (updated last 7 June 2019)
      4. Manual of Corporate Governance(uploaded on 2 February 2016)
      5. CSR Statement; and
      6. Balanced Scorecard
        • Please refer to item 3(i).
      7. No Gift Policy
      8. Quality Management System / Operations Manual
      9. Whistleblowing Policy Guidelines and GCG’s Whistleblowing Web Portal (uploaded on 31 May 2017)
    5. Agency System of Ranking Delivery Units and Individuals
      1. Performance Appraisal & Forced Ranking (uploaded on 23 February 2017)
      2. Appraisal Form – Professional / Technical (uploaded on 18 January 2016)
      3. Appraisal Form – Secretary (uploaded on 18 January 2016)
      4. Appraisal Form – Rank & File (uploaded on 18 January 2016)
(page update September 6, 2019)