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Apr 28, 2015

PNOC EC Chair Visits With PNOC EC-UP Scholars

6 December 2012, University of the Philippines – Gemiliano C. Lopez Jr., Chairman of the Board of the PNOC Exploration Corporation, appealed to science and engineering scholars of the University of the Philippines to use their talents to help in the country’s economic development, especially in energy exploration and development.

Lopez, a former mayor of the city of Manila, said that to attain meaningful, sustainable and inclusive economic growth the Philippines must have adequate, sustainable and affordable energy resources to fuel the country’s industrial, agricultural and commercial growth.

“We must have sufficient energy supplies, from traditional sources like oil, gas and coal, as well as from alternative and renewable energy sources, to support our economic programs for present and future needs, and PNOC EC is at the forefront of these efforts. That is why we will need all of you in the very near future.” said Lopez. He added that attaining energy security for our country is a must.

Lopez took some time off his busy work schedule to catch up with some of the students he hopes would one day become the new breed of technocrats, managers and specialists in the Philippine energy sector.

He spoke before 15 scholars of the U.P. colleges of science and engineering, who are beneficiaries of a PNOC-EC endowment of P500 million, to ensure for the country a steady supply of engineers, geologists and other scientists who would help in the exploration, exploitation and development of energy sources.

PNOC EC, a subsidiary of the Philippine National Oil Company, is engaged in the exploration activities and development of energy supplies like coal, gas and petroleum to make the country less dependent on foreign countries for its energy supplies. Lopez initiated the academic endowment for the State University as one of his first official acts as Chairman of the Board over a year ago.

One of the main concerns of the company is that it’s most talented personnel often made the jump into the more profitable and lucrative rewards of the private sector. “Without good managers, engineers, geologists, geoscientists then our company cannot be productive,” he said. “I want our company to continue to be among the leading companies in the Philippines,” he added.

Alfredo E. Pascual, the State University President, commended and thanked Lopez, for taking the initiative in providing scholarship funds for U.P. students taking up subjects in science and engineering that would directly promote energy independence and support for economic growth. “We are very grateful that PNOC EC, through Chairman Lopez, recognized how much we needed financial support for our students,” said Pascual.

Lopez informed the scholars that the PNOC EC will engage in more explorations and projects in the coming years, including the expansion of the second and third phases of the Malampaya project off Palawan.  “We will need talented experts in science, engineering, geology and other special fields to make PNOC EC more effective in meeting the needs of the country,” he said.

U.P. President Pascual presented the scholars to Chairman Lopez.  Several faculty members, administration officers and a student representative thanked Lopez on behalf of the scholars for the help of the PNOC EC in ensuring their success in their studies.  Under the terms of the academic endowment with PNOC EC, the scholar-beneficiaries are expected to serve at least one year with the company for every year they are under scholarship.

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