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Corporate Social Responsibility

PNOC Exploration Corporation

Puts high value on the social component of its projects and operations. It engages the communities in which it operates to collaborate with the stake holders in the planning and implementation of various social projects.

Said projects are intended to provide sustainable benefits to the host communities and to promote partnership between the company and the stakeholders in addressing possible issues with the company’s operations.

PNOC EC enhances its social performances through participative engagements and community-based social investment projects.

The company’s KAAGAPAY program has become the platform in the implementation of PNOC EC’S corporate social responsibility projects with its four pillars – Kaagaapay sa Kalusugan, Kaagapay sa Kabuhayan, Kaagapay sa Karunungan, and Kaagapay sa Kalikasan.


See 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

PNOC EC believes that everything begins within our own organization. A healthy, safe, secure, and environmentally conscious organization is a better performing organization. In line with this, throughout the year, in all of our business units and project areas, we strive to achieve a culture of health, safety, security, and environmental responsibility.


PNOC EC firmly believes in the saying that a sound mind must reside in a sound body. PNOC EC conducts an annual physical checkup for all employees. This encompasses both medical and dental checkups. Blood tests, sight and hearing tests, electrocardiograms for all employees, and Ultrasound and Pap Smear for women, are among the many services provided for our people during the annual physical checkup. We also provide annual free vaccination for employees and dependents for influenza.

We also maintain an updated database of the medical records of PNOC EC employees. This is to ensure that the Company is aware of employees who may need specific healthcare services such as periodic blood-glucose testing, blood pressure monitoring, and dispensing of available over-the-counter medication. We also post periodic medical and health bulletins to better inform our people on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


PNOC EC conducts periodic safety training programs for all employees. As part of its safety compliances, we also hold an annual fire safety training seminar and fire drill, in cooperation with the Bureau of Fire protection. We completed our fire safety seminar and fire drill for 2015 last April. Officials from BFP Taguig conducted the seminar and training, as well as observed the drill. In July of 2015, we also conducted an earthquake safety seminar, in cooperation with the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology and the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Occupational and work safety is among our proudest achievements in PNOC EC. In fact, since 2009, PNOC EC business units such as the Energy Supply Base and the Naga Coal Terminal are among the consistent yearly winners of the prestigious Safety and Health Association of the Philippine Energy Sector (SHAPES) awards given at the end of every year.


PNOC EC projects, being energy exploration and development projects are naturally matters of national importance, where security is of utmost concern. Securing our project areas and our people who work there are therefore primordial objectives of the Company.

PNOC EC interfaces regularly with both the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police in our project areas that are known to be a security concern. We hold coordination meetings as high up as with the AFP Battalion Commanders and PNP Safety Battalion Commanders whose areas of responsibility include our specific project areas. These form part of initial risk assessments made by the Company for specific project areas that may have high security concerns. This is apart from our regular meetings with Local Government Units and city / municipal PNP detachments to ensure that our projects and our people are always under a credible umbrella of security protection.


As an energy company, PNOC EC always makes compliance with all environmental laws a top priority. By the very nature of our operations there will be some kind of environmental impact. As an environmentally responsible organization, PNOC EC always makes sure that any effects on the environment caused by our operations is at the very least within the standards prescribed by Law. In keeping with the modern environmental ethos, PNOC EC always seeks to leave as small a footprint on the environment as we possibly can.

Strict adherence to laws such as the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act, as well as the correct and safe disposal of hazardous materials is always our top priority in all of our operations. We are also very particular and meticulous in complying with all of the requirements in our operations that have an Environmental Compliance Certificate. We are proud to say that as a company PNOC EC has never been cited for any violations or failures of environmental compliance.

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